Company of the Phoenix

Day 2 (21st of Arodus)

Having spent a good night in Talar the Company continued their journey Westward. Another peaceful days travel and they arrived safely at the village of Nimon Gap, The Inn was not as clean as their previous nights lodging but respectable enough and afforded another comfortable nights rest.

Day 1 (20th of Arodus)

With much cheering and waving, The Company of the Phoenix leave the Town of Brindol, travelling West along The Dawn Road heading to Overlook. The first days travel passed peacefully and the Company finally arrived in the Village of Talar in good spirit, settling in for a good night in the villages only, but respectable, Inn.


The Year is 4709 AR (Absalom Reckoning) and the location is the Elsir Vale, where like frontier areas everywhere, small pockets of civilisation try to eke out an existence while the wilderness surrounding them continues to throw all manner of threats at them, some great and some small, some have no lasting effect while others send ripples across the land long after the initial event. It is where great stories are told and mighty legends begin and it is here that our new found companions, The Company of the Phoenix, first met, looking to be a part of the next great tale…

Having been successful in destroying Sinruth, a Hobgoblin, and his force based in the Crypt’s below the Ruins of Rivenroar located in the Giant’s Shield Mountains, managing to rescue the captives Sinruth had taken and recover the treasure he had stolen from the Hall of Great Valour in Brindol when he had raided the town, The Company of the Phoenix had become local heroes.

Several months had passed in relative peace for the town now and although the initial elation of Brindol having it’s own band of heroes had calmed down, there was still a great deal of warmth and pride accorded to The Company of the Phoenix from all the people of the town. But this is a frontier town and trouble of some sort is never far away…

So it was that a messenger arrived from the City of Overlook that was located some way off to the West. As they were about to discover, it would seem a great Green skin Horde was amassing in Orc Country, a large desolate and dangerous area to the West of the Stonehome Mountains, where Orc’s, Troll’s, Giant’s and all manner of monstrosities rule, and not for the first time had set their sites on the lush and fertile lands of Elsir Vale. The only thing holding back this green flood of death and decay is Bordrin’s Watch, a large Dwarf Stronghold that straddles The Dwarf Road, the only Pass through the Stonehome Mountains. So far it has stood time and time again as each previous Horde has smashed upon its walls, only to be repulsed and eventually withdraw back to the pits they came from. But this time there is something different about the Horde assembling before the great walls and the Dwarves are worried, worried enough for the Elders of Overlook, the Ruling Council of the City, charged with supplying Bordrin’s Watch and defending the Western part of Elsir Vale, to send out messengers across the Elsir Vale requesting aid from all who can be spared!

And so it was that The Company of the Phoenix were called to Brindol Town Hall and asked by Council Member Eoffram Troyas, the head of the Council in Brindol, to travel West to offer their services on behalf of the town of Brindol to the Council of Elders in Overlook in defeating this new Green skin Horde. He offered them 100 gold each for their time and expenses, which all dually accepted and have received, promising to do all in their power in the name of Brindol to prevent the fall of Bordrin’s Watch and the subsequent overrun of Elsir Vale.

And so the Journey to Overlook began…


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